A Virtual Reality Live Casino Game Is Now Available Thanks to Evolution.

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, a unique live game, has just been released by live casino pioneer Evolution. The new release is a web-based gaming show that blends live action with traditional slot machine gameplay. The game also features a virtual reality (VR) mode for added immersion.

The protagonist, Gonzo, and the theme of the immensely successful Gonzo’s Quest slot machine by NetEnt served as inspirations for this game. This game is the most recent addition to Evolution’s library of live-action casino game shows. After Evolution’s purchase of NetEnt at year’s end, this game is the first to make use of NenEnt’s intellectual property.


Best of Both Worlds: NetEnt and Evolution

According to Evolution’s Chief Product Officer Todd Haushalter, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is the first product to fully leverage both companies’ strengths. He continued by saying that ever since the deal was announced, he and his team have been eager to begin using NetEnt’s fantastic intellectual property. Mr. Haushalter stated that bringing Gonzo, the most well-known slot machine mascot, to a real-life casino was a deliberate choice.


According to the company’s top executive, this is the first live game to give players such a wide range of strategic options and potential results. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is unlike other games because it gives players agency by giving them the opportunity to actively participate in the game by searching for their rewards, as opposed to passively waiting for them to be randomly distributed.


According to Mr. Haushlater, this is the first step in a radical new course for the company’s live casino game presentations. Evolution seeks to expand the boundaries of traditional game shows. By increasing player agency, the company hopes to draw in a wider audience to Evolution. Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is so intriguing because it has a long-term vision of expanding the possibilities of the gambling experience.


The Game’s Main Attraction

Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt is an interactive adventure game that can be played in real time at online casinos. Finding all of the hidden gems within a massive wall made of 70 stones is the game’s major element.


The latest iteration of the adventures sees the explorer join the live show hosts and players in their search for the treasure by coming to life using augmented reality.

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