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It’s not just another day in the classroom, another lesson plan, or just a quote on a wall… it’s our way of life in Bonnerville! Check out the new gear available and be sure to show others what motivates you each day!



Isaiah has begun second grade and he is full of joy! He is in love with his classroom design and has made new friends, as well. But something unexpected happens when Isaiah tries to solve a math problem. The tablet keeps making a loud noise, indicating that his answer is incorrect, and he quickly becomes angry. Isaiah reacts by picking up his tablet and slamming it down in frustration! Read the rest of the story to see what happens next!


Get Up or Give Up: How I Almost Gave Up on Teaching

Michael Bonner knew he wanted to be a teacher after his favorite college professor, Dr. Poulson, inspired him. The professor’s passion and love for teaching prompted Michael to change his major and his life’s direction. But nothing prepared Michael for the reality of a Title One school.

Many agree teaching is an amazing profession but there’s little discussion why so many teachers are leaving the profession. Get Up or Give Up: How I Almost Gave Up on Teaching shines a light into the internal battles and decisions educators face daily, and how we must make a conscious decision either to give in—or push through.